Toy Story 3 Ultimate Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story 3 Ultimate Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story 3 Ultimate Buzz Lightyear

First off don't mistake this for the Buzz Lightyear of the past. This is far from it. Introduced in 2010 major changes have taken place with this wonderful toy and just in time for the holiday season.

Disney Ultimate Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story 3 has all the features that kids and parents alike loved from Toy Story 3. This Ultimate Buzz Lightyear is age appropriate for 8 and up.

Don't waist time surfing the net for information on this years hottest Christmas gift. Here you will find all of the information you need to make an informed decision on your purchase. Make sure to get Ultimate Buzz Lightyear NOW before supplies run out.

Some of the notable changes include height. This Disney Ulimate Buzz Lightyear stands 16". This a four inch height increase from eariler versions of Buzz Lightyear. This version also does some incredible new tricks to delite your little one for years to come.

The Disney Ultimate Buzz Lightyear has over 100+ saying and this upgraded edition even walks. Don't be fooled by the lesser versions of Buzz, this one is the real deal. 

If this is a must have gift be sure to order now to avoid disappointment.

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Is Programmable

In addition Buzz is programmable, yes programmable. It comes with it's own remote control that allows you to change Buzz Lightyear's modes and even his actions. Disney Ultimate Buzz Lightyear's remote is complete with 15 functions that allow you to control his walk, talk, make action commands, and program playback. Buzz is also equipt with an interactive target game and much more. In addition to this you can also control Buzz by puppeteering him into poses which he will record and playback. His voice, lights, and sound effects can be programmed as well.

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