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Toy Story 3 Ultimate Buzz LightyearThe Buzz Lightyear action figure is one of this years greatest gifts for the Toy Story lover in your family. With the many upgrades that been give to this latest edition of the Buzz Lightyear action figure your kids are going to love getting all the best that this action figure has to offer. Updated for 2010 Buzz Lightyear Action Figure will be on the list for your children to buy.

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5.0 out of 5 starsWe love Buzz!, December 26, 2009

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My son has been a huge Buzz Lightyear fan for a couple years now. Since my son just turned 8, he is about to outgrow him, but we decided to buy just one more Buzz for Christmas. Buzz has been worth every dime! He does take a lot of batteries... 3 in his back, 4 in each leg and 3 more in the remote. Yes, that is 14 batteries! But he thinks he's a real space ranger (until you tell him otherwise). He will give a high five, he walks forward and backward (which my kids call moonwalking). He has 4 play modes, voice command, program by puppeteering, remote control and direct button activation. Best of all, he has Tim Allens voice (unlike some of the recent Buzz Lightyears out there). It's only been 24 hours, so I can't speak for durability, but it's been played with nonstop since it's been opened. This was my son's favorite toy this Christmas.

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5.0 out of 5 stars to infinity..., and beyond!, January 18, 2010

This review is from: Ultimate Buzz Lightyear (Toy)

This Buzz is absolutely awesome! I bought this for my 10 year old that's autistic and is obsessed with Toy Story. I admit in my haste Christmas morning I struggled to get him to work in play mode, as did a previous reviewer. I quickly discovered that, sure enough, I had neglected to supply all of the battery compartments. Once that was resolved Buzz truly came to life. My son spent the whole day learning to master this toy. We live on a super tight budget and a cool $100 on a toy is unheardof in this house. Still, I thought if it was what I hoped it would be for him, it'd be worth it. Well, Buzz turned out to be even better than I'd anticipated and Amazon even beat Sam's price on this guy for the holidays. Many thanks.

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These only a. few of the many reviews from Amazon of the Buzz Lightyear Action Figure. Although every toy may have some flaws you can see that with this Action Figure you'll be getting much more than you could imagine. If you want to see more reviews of the Buzz Lightyear Action Figure click the link to get even more reviews. Ultimate Buzz Lightyear can make the little child in your life happy!!!

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