Toy Story 3 Ultimate Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story 3 Ultimate Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear Toy Specs

This years Buzz Lightyear Toy is the biggest so far standing at 16" tall. Buzz is also very talk-a-tive which is great for kids because Buzz Lightyear Toy will also have something to share with your littles ones. He has synchronized movement that coordinate when he talks. Buzz comes complete with 15 command buttons for voice, action, sound effects, animation and more.

So you may be wondering what is making all of this animation and movements possible. Well this Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Toy has 7 powerful motors that control his blinking eyes, mouth, head, arms,  waist, and even leg movements.

Did you know that this particle Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Toy responds to your childs very own voice commands? Just speak to Buzz with voices commands and listen as he responds.

Buzz also has to different modes which is always a hit with the kids. One mode is when Buzz thinks he's a real Space Ranger and responds as if he really thinks he's a Ranger. The other one is the toy mode when he knows that he is toy.

Most of the Buzz Lightyear Toys out there only stand in place and talk. Not this one. This toy not only walks, he turns, salutes, and even give high fives. In addition to this he shoots his laser with light and sound effects, and talks into his arm communicator. What really unique about this Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Toy is that it is programmable. Meaning that Buzz can be moved into several poses, record those poses and play back the sequence.

The Buzz Lightyear Toy presented on this site has multiple smarts sensors, multi-directional motion detection, obstacle avoidance, both near and far and autonomous roaming mode. The wireless remote control has a range of upto 20 feet and the interaction target game using this remote will let you know if he's hit or not.

See description and product information below for a detailed list of all the features listed above.

Buzz Lightyear Toy Package Details And Requirements

Child Safety Warning